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Jeunesse LIVE™ Replay – March 25, 2017

Mar 28, 2017 | Jeunesse LIVE

Every Saturday, join Senior Director of Digital Strategy Cassiah Jay online at Jeunesse Global Google Hangouts or Jeunesse Global’s Facebook Live stream.

This week, Cassiah was joined by General Manager of the United States Brett Webb.

Watch the replay for more on:
  • The exciting launch of ZEN Project 8™ in our Australia, New Zealand and Fiji markets.
  • Exciting North America education sessions happening every Tuesday night.
  • The anniversary conference in Brazil is sold out! But tickets are still available for our Annual Conference in Amsterdam, April 28-30.

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Introducing New General Manager of the U.S. Brett Webb
Network Marketing Leader Experienced at Building Excitement

We welcome our new General Manager of the U.S., Brett Webb, who comes to Jeunesse with more than 20 years of experience in the direct selling industry. A father of four, Brett knows that to be successful, a leader must lead by example. After a search for the right company that lasted more than two years for him, Brett chose to bring his talents to Jeunesse because of the leadership he sees here.

“My goal was to find the last company I would ever work for. The first thing I looked for was the talent level. I was blown away by Jeunesse’s management. Then, I looked at the products. I wanted something that had sustaining power. When it came right down to it, the most important thing to me was: what is the heart of the company? My interview with Scott Lewis answered that question, I was amazed at how genuine he was. What I wanted to find was a company that had the potential to be the best in the world. Scott’s drive to make that happen really sold me. Jeunesse is the company that I believe is going to be the best in the world. I want to be a part of that.”

Brett is driven to make every Distributor successful through accessible, education-rich, grass-roots growth and momentum.

”If the ‘new distributor’ is successful, everyone else will be. If every Distributor is having success, everything else works and that’s when it’s fun.”

We are excited and honored to have him as a leader in our North America corporate team.

Wrapup of LEAD-ON North America Road Tour
The North America LEAD-ON Road Tour has wrapped up our events across the U.S. and Canada -- and we can’t wait to bring you more!

The Tour exceeded our expectations and broke events records across the country. In total, more than 2,000 people attended our LEAD-ON events, giving our team a fun, exciting view of the momentum building in the market.

Because of the incredible success of this Road Tour, our North America team is planning four more stops across the U.S. -- stay tuned for dates in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Bermuda and Portland!

Tools Available in Joffice™
As the saying goes, “The phone weighs 1,000 lbs.”

But Jeunesse gives you the resources to get past that old, unavoidable obstacle. Joffice™ is our central resource hub that Distributors can access around the clock, anywhere there is internet access.

Log in to Joffice for access to your Jtools™ from the menu bar. In Jtools, you’ll find your CRM, the Empower System and the U.S. Jkit™. You can also find Jinvites™ written and designed by our corporate marketing team for your use, to organize home parties and events of your own.

Make sure that you have full access to Jmobile™ and stay tuned for the upcoming release of the new Jmobile Prospector tool. With proprietary technology that was custom-built by our own IT team, this tool gives Jeunesse Distributors a competitive advantage that could help redefine our industry.

Tune in to Jeunesse Live next week when the President of North America Meredith Berkich will give an in-depth overview of Prospector.

Prospector walks Distributors through every step in the process of gaining new Customers and adding Distributors to your team, completely laid out for you in a beautiful, easy-to-use tool so that you can be in business for yourself from the palm of your hand. Launch is coming in early April, so be on the lookout through social media, as well as email and in Jnews.

Jeunesse University Events from Coast to Coast
In years past, we’ve hosted one Jeunesse University in the U.S., but this year we’re kicking it up a notch.

As Brett Webb so wisely points out, events are important because they give you a deadline to take action. If you’re wondering how many of your team members you should take to the next event, he suggests you consider your goals and what you want your team to achieve this year.

On July 28-30, join us in New Jersey for Jeunesse University East Coast. On August 11-13, join us in Anaheim, California, for Jeunesse University West Coast.

Join us for these opportunities to grow your team, recharge your batteries and learn more about how Jeunesse can help you achieve your goals.

Closing Inspirational Message
As you encounter challenges to overcome this week, keep in mind your “why,” and what motivates you.

Anybody can critique from the sidelines, but only if you dare greatly in your life will you reap great rewards. It’s time to take action. As Brett Webb quoted from the great Jedi Master, Yoda:

Do or do not. There is no try.

Go make it happen. Shoot for success and nothing less!

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